Interested in attending our 2017 Barn Night? Sign up below!

All equestrian groups, barns and local organizations are invited to the festivities Friday, Nov. 3 at 7:30 p.m. Many fantastic prizes will be awarded to Barn Night participants during this fun and entertaining evening. Get your barn mates together and get creative with your costumes for a chance to take home some impressive prizes.

Our wonderful group prizes will be announced over the next few weeks. Individuals will also be able to enter to win other great prizes throughout the evening. Attendees will be thrilled by the Salamander Hotels & Resorts $35,000 Accumulator Jumper Class and can enter to win one of our amazing prizes! 

Register your barn below and you will receive instructions for claiming your barn's complimentary tickets. For questions, email Ariel Weisman at

Prizes will be awarded after the Salamander Hotels & Resorts Accumulator Class!