We have developed a new web site for the ASPCA Maclay which allows you to perform all necessary functions on line.


Maclay membership numbers have been phased out and a rider’s USEF number will be their identifier. Memberships may now be applied for on line for instant membership listing.


Competition organizers can set up their account, then enter each show and Maclay class information. This will populate the Maclay calendar and set up your events to receive uploaded results. If you prefer to submit your class application hard copy, please click the link below.

NOTE: As of September 1, 2016: To fill a class three (3) competitors must complete the course.

2019 Class Application



Competition organizers can now upload results using the USEF results file created from their show office software, pay on line with a credit card or indicate payment being mailed.

Once results are uploaded, you will be immediately notified if any inaccuracies are present, then confirm submission.

Or, you can simply email the result file created from the show software directly to cindy@nhs.org. Then follow up with a payment check. If you choose this option, please use the form below to mail in your payment. Please indicate that you have emailed your results and the date that you emailed.


Please click the link below to download and print the current ASPCA Maclay class specifications.

2018-2019 Maclay Specifications



Each rider wishing to compete in a different region then their home region must notify and declare to the National Horse Show by August 15, 2018 in writing his or her intention to compete in the Regional Championships, and in which Regional Championships, whether or not they are yet qualified, in compliance with the conditions expressed above regarding residences.

**NEW JANUARY 1, 2016: Riders whose home regions are either in Region 1 or Region 2 may change into Regions 3 through 8, however, those riders may not alternate between Regions 1 or 2.”

Change of Region Declaration Form



Region 1

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4

Region 5

Region 6

Region 7

Region 8