This year in keeping with our COVID Protocols, we will be requiring all individuals who will need access to the concourse of the Alltech Arena and the bleacher seating to have a credentialing badge. These badges will be customized, not generic exhibitor badges.



Trainers will be required to complete a credentialing form to list all persons who will be attending the National Horse Show from their barn. This form is the NHS TRAINER / BARN STAFF CREDENTIALS form. This list will need to include anyone who may need access to the concourse and seating in the Alltech Arena, such as all trainers, assistant trainers, exercise riders, grooms, vets, etc. From this list barn specific credential badges will be produced. These badges will be required to access the concourse in the Alltech Arena. Only individuals who are in possession of their credentialing badge will be permitted to pass from the event floor level up to the concourse in the Alltech Arena.


All competing riders will have personalized credentials listing their name and trainer name. Competing riders will also have two “rider attendant” badges created as well. Competing riders do not need to complete any forms, these badges are being automatically produced.



If you are a private client who supplies their own private grooms and staff and need to supply those name, you may do so by filling out the PRIVATE CLIENT BARN STAFF form.

We ask that these forms be completed and submitted by Friday, October 16.


The badges will be available when numbers are picked up in the show office. A barn specific bag will have been assembled that will contain back numbers and badges. Only one person per barn should come to the show office to gather these items. If you will need specific attention from a show secretary, please make an appointment ahead of time to secure a time slot that will fit into your work schedule. To do so, email with a day and time frame and we will reply with your appointment confirmation. Please give two or three time choices to work with in case there are already appointments scheduled. A maximum of 4 customers are permitted in the office at one time, 1 per secretary. Only one representative per barn may come to the show office at a time.