• 1883

    Founded in New York by a group of influential sportsmen. The event was held at the original Madison Square Garden.

  • 1883-1905

    The National featured regularly in illustration for Harper’s Weekly and other magazines by artists like Howard Chandler Christy and Charles Dana Gibson.

  • 1887

    The National Horse Show directory, listing directors and 920 members, formed the basis for Louis Keller’s first New York Social Register.

  • 1890

    The National Horse Show moved to the second Madison Square Garden, also located on Madison Square in New York.

  • 1909

    Alfred G. Vanderbilt, then president of the National Horse Show, made the show international by inviting British Cavalry officers to compete.

  • 1915

    Eleanora Sears
    became the first woman to ride a stride at the NationalHorse Show.

  • 1915-1925

    The National became an American military competition. Notable competitors included Generals John J. “Black Jack” Pershing, William “Billy” Mitchell and George S. Patton.

  • 1926

    The National moved to the third Madison Square Garden located on 8th Avenue at 50th Street. Garden III would witness 40 years of National history and continuing evolution.

  • 2011

    The National Horse Show
    was held for the first time at the Kentucky Horse Park.