Riders Qualified for Finals

All qualified riders will receive an emailed invitation to compete in the ASPCA Maclay National Champion using email provided on your Regional entry blank. If you do not receive this email within 48 hours of the completion of your Regional competition, please email

Number of Riders Accepted


Below are the initial number of riders to be accepted from each Regional Championship. Once the total number of riders from all Regional competitions is finalized, additional riders may be accepted in order of placings. All qualified riders will receive an emailed invitation using the email provided on their Regional entry blank.

Region 1 (North Salem, NY): 32 Riders
Region 2 (North Salem, NY): 19 Riders
Region 3 (Tampa, FL): 23 Riders
Region 4 (Lexington, KY): 37 Riders
Region 5 (Lake St. Louis, MO): 19 Riders
Region 6 (Parker, CO): 7 Riders
Region 7 (Monroe, WA): 9 Riders
Region 8 (San Juan Capistrano, CA): 17 Riders


To View the Selection of Rider Procedures, Click Here.

Please Contact Cindy Bozan at if you have any questions.