The inaugural National Horse Show 3’3” Equitation Championship will be held in the Alltech Arena on October 28-29, before the 2017 CP National Horse Show. This stand-alone class is independently governed by USEF rules and regulations.

Class Specifications:

The National Horse Show Association of America, Limited (“NHSAA”) is responsible for the organization, presentation and administration of the National Horse Show 3’3” Equitation Championship. To ensure the selection of appropriate judges and course designers, the NHSAA communicates with the National Horse Show Association Equitation Committee. USEF rules govern this competition. In case of any conflict between these Rules and USEF rules, USEF rules shall govern.


To be judged on seat, hands, guidance and control of the horse.

Preliminary Round

Flat Phase

A minimum of fifteen (15) riders, if available, are required to show at a walk, trot and canter. The under saddle performance of those riders selected to show under saddle shall count 50%.

Final Round

A minimum of fifteen (15) riders will be asked to return for a final round over a second course following the above listed specifications.


Testing of up to six riders is optional using USEF Tests 1-18

Class Conditions

The National Horse Show 3’3” Equitation Championship is open to junior members of USEF or Equine Canada who have not reached their 18th birthday in accordance with GR127. Rider and trainer (or coach when applicable [see USEF GR108]) must be current members of the National Horse Show Association (NHSA). The NHSA Membership year is September 1 through August 31. Junior rider annual contributions shall be $35. Trainer (or coach) annual contributions shall be $50. page1image21392 page1image21552 page1image21712 page1image21872

The National Horse Show 3’3” Equitation Championship is open only to junior members of the USEF or Equine Canada who have never competed in any of the following National Equitation Finals with fences at 3’6”: ASPCA Maclay Finals, US Medal Finals, USEF Talent Search (East or West), WIHS Equitation Classic Finals, Jump Canada Medal Finals or the North American Equitation Championship.

Riders may compete in the National Horse Show 3’3” Equitation Championship and any ASPCA Maclay Regional Championship Class in the same year provided they are otherwise eligible to compete.

Riders may not show in both the ASPCA Maclay Finals and the National Horse Show 3’3” Equitation Championship in the same competition year.

Only one rider per horse.
Conventional tack per USEF EQ 105.5a. Martingales not permitted for the flat phase. Trainers/Coaches permitted to ride and school competitors horses. Trainers/Coaches permitted to walk any and all courses with competitors.

In the event a horse becomes incapacitated in any phase of competition, upon examination of the Horse show’s veterinarian and a judge or steward, a substitution may be permitted by the National Horse Show.


The Judges will select a Champion and a Reserve Champion. Ribbons through tenth place
Trophy to the Trainer of the winning rider.

Entries and Entry Closing Dates

Entries for the National Horse Show 3’3” Equitation Championship close, and must be received by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the Friday following the completion of the last ASPCA Maclay Regional competition at the NHSAA’s office. Entries must be on the Official Entry Form, signed and submitted with the class entry fee made payable to the NHSAA. The NHSAA reserves the right to reject any late or unsigned entries or entries not submitted with all entry fees.

Questions and Disputes

Any questions or disputes relating to the National Horse Show 3’3 Equitation Championship, other than that specifically described above, shall be decided according to the rules of the USEF, if applicable, or according to the Prize List if such question is not covered by the rules of the USEF.

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